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Website wanted, 472

Describe what the site should be doing for visitors.merhaba istanbul/turkey "kurye" hizmetlerinede ve bolgelerde oldukca degerlidir "motorlukurye" hizmeti veren bir web sayfası.
For how many years should the site have been online?1
Current monthly pageviews.1500
What search phrases should show the site in top ten results of google.comkurye, gebze kurye, tuzla kurye, sultanbeyli kurye, dudullu kurye,
What kind of people should be most interested in visiting the website.kurye
What yearly income should the site be bringing in?25000
What sources of income are preferred?kurye hizmeti.
What google pagerank should the main page have?0
How many indexed pages should the site have in google.com?240
What should be the maximum time needed for site’s support?5 ay
Your target price10000, tl
Created bybulent
E-mailinfo at motexkurye.com
Created2015-11-03 08:19:32
Last modified2015-11-03 09:19:32

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